Through the years, our passion leads us to create different collar models; being able to continuouisly renovate our family tradition. You can find a variety of collars: from the most classic and traditional to more contemporary ones.

Wide spread between medium collar points. It’s a formal collar, brought into fashion by the Duke of Windsor. His perfect match: a loose tie knot.

Versatile and traditional, known for its straight, long collar points. Perfect for all the occasions, especially for important and formal events. In this case, the tie knot should be tighter.

Sporty and casual. Its signature is due to its two buttons that button up the end of the collar points. Polo players are the main inspiration for this particular collar style.

Wearable under a jumper, it’s the perfect combination between an elegant and contemporary style; refined and versatile. Suitable even without a tie. Its collar points are shorter, with a comfortable fitting.

An original touch with past “echoes”. This collar is characterized by rounded collar points, which add to any outfit an eclectic style.